Clinical Canine Massage

WHAT is it?

Clinical canine massage is a hands-on, physical therapy involving manual manipulation of the muscles and other soft tissues of your dog’s body. Just like human massage, it has a wide range of uses including soft tissue rehabilitation, chronic pain management, injury prevention, and the enhancement of working / sports performance.

Massage treatment can benefit dogs of all ages, breeds and disciplines, in particular those who are:

  • Recovering (short- or long-term) following injury, surgery, disease and / or emotional trauma

  • Living with an orthopaedic condition such as arthritis, hip / elbow dysplasia, spondylosis, or with the loss of a limb

  • Older and showing signs of slowing down but not diagnosed with a specific condition (signs of muscular pain can be mistaken simply for signs of ageing)

  • Participating in activities such as: agility; flyball; country sports; obedience; showing; canicross; working trials and more

HOW does it work?

Massage works upon numerous systems of the dog’s body, in particular it targets the musculoskeletal system, the blood circulatory and lymphatic systems and the nervous system to:

  • Warm, lengthen and relax stiff, tired, tight and hypertonic muscles, improving their flexibility and elasticity and increasing range of motion in the joints

  • Release soft tissue restrictions such as trigger points (muscle knots), spasms, connective tissue thickening, fascial adhesions and scar tissue which may be causing your dog discomfort, pain and/or reducing their mobility

  • Promote better circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen and removal of waste products, improving muscle tone, balance and strength, preventing or slowing down muscle atrophy and enhancing overall good tissue health

  • Enhance lymph circulation, reduce inflammatory swelling and strengthen the immune system

  • Decrease tissue pressure on nerves, interrupt nervous system pain receptors and soothe nerve endings

  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate and stimulate the release of natural endorphins to reduce anxiety and stress levels and increase your dog’s ability to relax and sleep

  • Enhance and support the body’s natural healing processes following injury, surgery  and disease

  • Reduce the risk of injury and optimise sports performance by preparing your dog physically and psychologically for work and competition, and supporting their body’s natural healing processes following strenuous activity

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What clients say

"When we first met Sara I thought my dear old lab was literally on his last legs. The vet had been unable to reassure me of any improvement. Henry was limping badly and generally out of sorts despite daily medication. Sara's fantastic massage technique soon has Henry enjoying a blissful state of complete relaxation and freedom from discomfort. A course of treatments is keeping muscle stiffness at bay, ironing out all the creases, increasing his mobility and much improving his general well-being. Not only has Sara lifted Henry's spirits but mine also. Her home visits are so convenient and much looked forward to by us both. Sara has also given us much advice on ways in which we can help our arthritic dog continue to enjoy a good life - we only wish we had met her years ago." 

Linda and Henry the Labrador