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Remedial &
Sports Massage Therapy for Dogs

Welcome to
Complete Canine Massage Therapy

Complete Canine Massage Therapy provides a professional, friendly and fully-insured clinical canine massage service to pet, working and sports dogs in Henley-on-Thames and the surrounding area.

Clinical massage therapy can benefit dogs of all ages and breeds in a variety of ways, including:


  • Reducing and relieving pain and discomfort

  • Improving mobility

  • Assisting rehabilitation of soft tissues damaged by injury, surgery or disease

  • Maintaining optimal physical condition, including supporting orthopaedic conditions

  • Promoting psychological well-being and recovery from emotional trauma

  • Helping prepare the dog appropriately for work / competition and enhancing performance

To discuss whether clinical massage may be a beneficial treatment option for your dog, please contact Sara using any of the methods listed on the Contact page, for a friendly, informal and FREE 15 minute exploratory telephone call.

What clients say

"When we first met Sara I thought my dear old lab was literally on his last legs. The vet had been unable to reassure me of any improvement. Henry was limping badly and generally out of sorts despite daily medication. Sara's fantastic massage technique soon has Henry enjoying a blissful state of complete relaxation and freedom from discomfort. A course of treatments is keeping muscle stiffness at bay, ironing out all the creases, increasing his mobility and much improving his general well-being. Not only has Sara lifted Henry's spirits but mine also. Her home visits are so convenient and much looked forward to by us both. Sara has also given us much advice on ways in which we can help our arthritic dog continue to enjoy a good life - we only wish we had met her years ago." 

Linda and Henry the Labrador

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